Sherry’s vision is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for the teachings of yoga to find us in our everyday lives, to support a stronger and inclusive community, where we learn to honor and heal ourselves and our beautiful natural world around us, and mostly to be curious about and enjoy this journey called life in the process!

The practice of yoga asks us to “live in the layers” of our selves and our every day lives. Sherry teaches that yoga in and of itself does not add anything to us or “improve” us. Instead, a devoted practice of yoga helps us to shed the many layers of protection and life experiences that we have used to cover up from our true Selves and connect to the already complete, centered, lovable and fiercely capable version that exists within us.

Sherry’s practices provide yoga education, teaching scholarships and leadership programs addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of Martha’s Vineyard and the community at large.

Current Programs include:

  • Yoga in the Jail at Dukes County House of Corrections
  • Yoga for Pain Management with MV Hospital
  • Yoga for Addiction recovery with MV Community Services

Group Class Schedule

Private Sessions and Mentoring

FLY Yoga Teacher Training


Outreach and Non Profit Programs

Contact Information

Contact: Sherry Sidoti
Phone: 774-238-0176