A Recovery Coach is a trained peer who guides and supports a person in the recovery process and helps prevent relapse. The goal of a Recovery Coach is to be actively involved in helping the participant explore their relationship with substance use and establish a foundation of living life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Coaches act as a combination counselor, sponsor, friend and mentor and work collaboratively with participants to develop goals, locate resources and learn the skills necessary to live a sober and productive life.

Coaches can engage with participants at any stage of the recovery process and are available to the participant up to 7 hours per week. Recovery Coaching is based on the principle of “meeting the participant where they are” and can be an effective tool for change no matter where that may be.

Recovery coaching services are voluntary and are best utilized when the person seeking support is actively engaged and interested in recovery. Recovery coaches cannot mandate participation and services are not therapeutic or clinical in nature.

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