At Plum Hill, we are inspired by Waldorf educational philosophy to nurture the pure creative play by which children do their most profound learning. We provide simple, natural materials to engage the child’s imagination and fine art resources to foster artistic expression. Fairy tales, told by heart, puppet plays, and music weave beauty into the daily rhythm. Children help tend the garden, bake the bread, mend the toys. Much of the child’s day is spent exploring the world of nature in the fields and farms. We celebrate the changing seasons with songs, crafts, and family festivals. By our example, we encourage reverence for all life, enthusiasm for work, compassion for each other.

Contact Information

Contact: Laura Marashilan
Phone: 508-696-7701

10 Road to Great Neck Road
West Tisbury, MA

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 971
West Tisbury, MA 02568