MLAC is the largest funding source for civil legal aid programs in Massachusetts. MLAC also provides leadership and support for the continued improvement of legal aid to low-income people statewide through its Initiatives:

  • The Equal Justice Coalition was created by the Massachusetts Bar Association, Boston Bar Association and MLAC to protect the state appropriation for civil legal aid.
  • The Diversity Coalition improves services to low-income clients by building cultural competence among legal aid staff and addressing other diversity-related issues within Massachusetts legal aid community.
  • The Bart Gordon Fellowship helps legal aid programs overcome barriers to service by providing funding to hire recent law school graduates equipped to reach out to underserved communities.
  • The Racial Justice Fellowship addresses pervasive problems of racial injustice through systemic advocacy and other strategies.
  • The Central Technology Project seeks to standardize technology for MLAC- and Legal Services Corporation-funded legal aid programs in Massachusetts.

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