A program of Island Grown Initiative, Island Food Rescue is working towards creating a more sustainable food system through reduction, recovery, and recycling of food waste.

As restaurants join the project they are finding how easy it is to separate organic waste to allow for nutritious compost production and as a result more delicious healthy vegetables being grown on farms. We’re all working together to close the loop for Martha’s Vineyard’s food system, one banana peel at a time.Support the following restaurants and businesses that are diverting food scraps from the trash:

  • Park Corner Bistro
  • Sharky’s Cantina
  • Wolf’s Den Pizzeria
  • Harbor View Hotel
  • Not Your Sugar Mamas
  • Art Cliff Diner
  • Isola Restaurant
  • Atria Restaurant
  • Behind the Bookstore
  • Square Rigger Restaurant
  • Right Fork Diner
  • Linda Jeans Restaurant
  • V. Jaime Hamlin and Sons Catering

We are program of the Island Grown Initiative, a non-profit on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA.  To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or visit www.igimv.org/programs/food-equity-and-recovery/island-food-rescue.

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