The Driver Alcohol Education Program is for first and second offenders who come to MV Community Services  mandated by the Court.

  • Drug and Alcohol Education (DAE) Group for first DUI offenders:  The DAE is a curriculum based series of classes that are psycho-educational in nature and cover topics relating to substance use and driving.  Topics include substance use, abuse and impact, health issues and communicable disease, dual diagnosis issues, violence prevention, interpersonal/relationship skills, life skills, conflict resolution, anger management and communication skills.  Individuals are primarily referred from the court after a first DUI offense.
  • Second Offender Aftercare (SOA):  The SOA is a psychotherapeutic group for individuals who have been convicted of a second DUI.  The group meets weekly and discussion topics includes substance use and abuse, impact of substance dependency, achieving and maintaining sobriety, and developing alternative coping methods.  Individuals are referred by the Court.

Contact Information

Contact: Kathy Burns Powers
Phone: 508-693-7900 x361